Tips on Driving in Dubai

Even if you have years of driving experience, in a new city, you become a rookie. It is totally normal.

Even if you have years of driving experience, in a new city, you become a rookie. It is totally normal because it is an unknown environment to you and the driving habits differ. Signs and rules on driving are universal but traffic is different. If you moved to Dubai or you are just visiting and want to rent a car then this article will be helpful for you. Driving in Dubai is not a rocket science but there is hand full of tips that I’d like to share with you.

Keep Distance

This is a common driving mistake in Dubai. Everyone wants to get to their work as soon as possible, so even 1 meter is important. They don’t want to let another driver sneak in from the other line. So, drivers in Dubai don’t keep a safe distance and this causes a lot of problems. Remember your driving classes and keep distance


Cars are really fancy in Dubai, and among those fancy cars, sports cars prevail. Drivers can’t resist the temptation of driving their cars as fast as possible and roads are perfect for that. However, we all know that speed is dangerous and unless, the highway requires high speed, drive slowly.

Headlight Flashing

If in another country, flashing your headlight means “after you,” in Dubai, it’s a warning sign. The drivers over there flash to headlight to indicate that they are not going to slow down or stop, so they better let him drive away.

People drive on the hard shoulder

Yes, this is forbidden by law but desperate times call for desperate measures. Traffic jams can last really long in Dubai and if the hard shoulder is what it takes to reach the destination on time then drivers will go there. The point is if you have an emergency get behind the safety barrier, instead of the hard shoulder.

No Hand Gestures

We all get irritated from staying in that traffic for hours and the endless honking. However, you should keep your emotions inside you. Hand gestures are very offensive in Dubai and you can get very serious fines if you use any.


There is nothing to be afraid of, driving in Dubai is not mission impossible. As a matter of fact, after 3-4 times driving, you will get used to it. Don’t be an aggressive driver and keep these tips in mind.

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