Most Common Health Issues in UAE

Thirty five years ago, UAE had one big and well supplied hospital in Abu Dhabi. As Dubai started to develop.

Thirty five years ago, UAE had one big and well supplied hospital in Abu Dhabi. As Dubai started to develop and expats started to move there, naturally came the need to build bigger and better hospital units. One would say that this was a slow process, because it has been thirty years, but actually, UAE Health Organization is one of the most progressive ib the world. They did so much in past thirty years.

Half century ago people from Dubai and all over UAE were mostly fighting infectious diseases and sometimes cardiovascular problems, but cancer and other illness that were invading Western world were almost not even present in this area.

As the time went by, lifestyle in UAE dramatically changed. The level of stress became extremely high; before it was pretty slow desert life, people were living according to climate conditions the same way they lived for centuries; they eat the same food they used to eat and didn’t worry about those health issues  occupying Europeans. But when Europeans came to UAE they brought it with them.

Nowadays the most common health issues in UAE are: diabetes II, depression, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, infertility and obesity; Each of these is easy to explain.

Diabetes is known as the illness of those who are rich. Having a lot of money leads to eating a lot of food. Some of the food that is not even typical for your area and genetics; rich in calories, sugars and bad cholesterol. After eating a lot you don’t get any time to exercise because you are busy with making more money your blood sugar keeps rising.

Obesity is obviously very similar. The troubling fact is that more and more children are obese.

Cardiovascular conditions are common both amongst UAE natives and Europeans; stress, food and extreme heat lead to your heart and blood vessels becoming fragile.

Cancer is mostly present in expat circles, but in the past few years there has been serious increase of cancer deaths among natives. There are various explanations; the most common is that stress takes its tall.

Infertility is mostly known to be present among natives. Low sperm quality is not uncommon in UAE. They say that desert heats, sand and physically inactive lifestyle is to be blamed.

And there is depression. It was almost unknown word in UAE until Emirates became what they are today. Busy life, worrying constantly about earning, keeping and investing large amounts of money, traveling all the time… it all leads to life without serious reflecting and normal social and family life and you just lose yourself  working around the clock.

Luckily – Dubai is the home of rich and the city of innovations. All of the best doctors in the world go there for seminars, experiments and very important operations. WHO says that average life expectance of 78 for woman and 76 for men is actually rising. Men usually die before their wives and the most common cause of death is sudden death from heart attack and woman usually suffers from chronicle diseases. They say that chronicle diseases are being put under control by rising the awareness of some key factors for a long life and regular checkups on tumor markers are becoming mandatory.

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