Top 4 Tips to Capture Heartwarming and Memorable Family Portraits

Have you ever been caught up in a family portrait session, having no notion of how to add a natural.

Have you ever been caught up in a family portrait session, having no notion of how to add a natural appeal to the portraits, racking your brain and still coming up empty handed on how to glorify the chaos? Read full article to learn how to capture beautiful family portraits:

  • Make Everyone Pay Attention to the Camera

If your client aspires for a traditional portrait, you need to take on the role of a director and make sure that all faces and eyes are trained on you. Working with a handful of people can be exasperating at times, what with every shot including at least one family member with eyes closed, face turned away, or an awkward expression on their face? Trying to remain assertive and patient is your best bet and will go a long way in handling the shoot. Don’t be afraid to take plenty of shots after you have gotten everyone ready, or employ the burst mode to ensure at least one frame where everyone is looking their best.

  • Lean Towards Candid Shots

Traditional shots are not everybody’s cup of tea, what with candid family photography in Dubai making such waves. It’s high time to put on your creative cap and engineer some personality fused, fun frames. Before delving into more candid shots, try to put your subjects at ease by capturing a few frames in a familiar or comfortable setting. This will lend narrative and character to the piece.

  • Take Care of Lighting

Lighting is the key, as with all kinds of photography shoots. If you cannot afford expensive lighting when shooting indoors, capitalize on natural sunlight as much as possible. Position your subjects parallel to or facing large clean windows. For bright sunny days, cover the windows with a net curtain or a thin veil of material to act as a diffuser for more flattering and softer light!

  • Try Poses That Flatter All Your Subjects

Here’s the truth of it: If a family member thinks they look fat in the photograph, they are not going to like the portrait no matter how great the expression or lighting. As a photographer, you need to be mindful of people’s perceived flaws and work to flatter them. For instance, if a subject is conscious of their bigger bottom half, it’s prudent not to have them walk away from the camera for the portrait and shooting with a wide-angle lens.  For people with double chins, make them look up to minimize the neck/chin area and stretch it out, in addition to taking a higher camera angle.

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