Tips on Creating Your Dream Bedroom with A Tight Budget

Every one of us has a dream bedroom that we can call our own; a space where you can be.

Every one of us has a dream bedroom that we can call our own; a space where you can be yourself and express your personality. But with the rising cost of interiors, it may be hard for some to make this dream a reality.

If you are insistent on transforming your old bedroom to a dream space, here are some workaround that you can do to achieve your bedroom goals:

  • Start with the bed

When you think of decorating your room, you need to start with the most important furniture in the space – your bed. Make some plans on what to do with it. You can either buy a ready-made frame or have a custom bed installed that has the specs and function that you want.

That decision would entirely rely on different factors such as your budget and your time frame. Customized beds can take time to build and a little bit pricey compare to ready-made ones.


  • Do not forget the mattress

Since you are replacing the frame, you also need to replace the mattress. You can still opt to use your old one. But the thing is, it might not fit with the new bed frame that you are getting in terms of size and support. To ensure a good night sleep on your new bed, it is advisable to get a new mattress that would go with it.

When you buy mattress in Dubai, be sure that you have the exact dimensions of your bed frame so you will not go wrong with the size. Also, do not forget to check the level of comfort, firmness, and material.


  • Infuse your personality in the space

The point of recreating your bed space is for you to be able to express your personality, so do not forget to include this on your bedroom design. It doesn’t have to be grand and all out there. You can infuse your personal touch through simple accents that you will place in the space.


  • Recycle old furniture

Since you are low on budget, do not buy new furniture. Instead, go for recycling and reuse those old furnishing on your bedroom. You may need to exert more effort on remaking the old ones, but once you see the result, all those hard labor will pay off.


  • Do not go overboard

You have to remember that your bedroom is a place for sleeping and relaxation, so do not forget to design it for that purpose. You have to strike a balance between design and functionality and not compromise your sleep.

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