Things you should prepare For Before Your House Painter Arrives

You need to prepare your house before your house painters are due to arrive. While many professional painters in Dubai.

You need to prepare your house before your house painters are due to arrive. While many professional painters in Dubai might help you move things around, remember that time is money and you are mostly paying them to paint. We recommend that you get more “bang for the buck” by doing these few things beforehand:

Move Furniture

While your house painters can cover up your furniture and other belongings with plastic sheets, you should still ensure that it’s not in their way. You don’t want them to trip on anything with a full basket of paint in their hands. The ideal situation is to move the furniture and other paraphernalia out of the room being painted, or at least shifted to the center of the room if you don’t have the available space to move it out. Also make sure to remove all wall hangings, such as mirrors, clocks, quotes, pictures, paintings, and anything else hanging on your walls. It distracts the painters from their task when they have to constantly take down wall hangings or work around them.

Remove Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

This little thing is vital yet mostly overlooked. While getting splotches of paint on your outlet covers or switch plates isn’t such a big deal, it’s still more prudent to remove them out of the way, especially if you have pretty switch plates and vintage covers. After all, clearing dried paint off plastic isn’t an easy nut to crack.

Allocate a Space as a “Staging Area”

When you are working with credible painting companies in Dubai, keep in mind that professional painters are not used to carrying their gallon buckets everywhere with them. House painters usually set up shop at one spot in your house that offers up enough space to store their paint, plastic sheets, and ladders. Even though your house painters will be fully equipped without you having to provide anything, do make room for them to store all their painting paraphernalia.

Clean the Walls

Cleaning your walls when they are about to get a fresh coat of paint anyway might seem like an absurd idea, but it is actually essential. Nothing exposes any physical differences in a wall than a fresh coat of paint. Things like dirt and dust become more visible after painting, since paint tends to permanently plaster these substances to the wall. Fret not- you don’t need fancy equipment to clean your rooms. Simply dip your sponge in a diluted mild detergent and try to get most of the dust and stains off.

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