Simple Tips For Managers on Monitoring A Large Team

Managers are the ones responsible for keeping their employees in check in a lot of aspects – from abiding the.

Managers are the ones responsible for keeping their employees in check in a lot of aspects – from abiding the company policies to ensuring that they are producing the needed results. But if you have a lot of people under your wing to manage, you might not be able to monitor them as closely as you want them to be as you need to balance employee management and fulfilling your own tasks.

If managing a big team is causing headache, these solutions might help you out:


  • Check their attendance performance on a bi-weekly basis

Attendance is probably one of the most violated company rule in an organization. This would include absences, lates, undertime, and AWOL. If one or two erring employees keep on violating the attendance policy, it could immensely affect the whole team’s performance. Managers should always make it a habit on checking their team’s attendance. If daily checking is not possible, managers can get two weeks’ worth of attendance from the Human Resource Department for checking. Most companies today subscribe to a trusted time attendance system in Dubai that tracks personnel attendance to be used on payroll and performance review. Request for a copy in a bi-weekly basis to check which employees are constantly violating this rule.


  • Set up a camera to monitor the team

Some employees feel a little uncomfortable on having a security camera monitoring their every move. But this is necessary for managers who wants to keep track of employees, especially if their office is far from their team’s cubicles. This is to ensure that the employee as maximizing work hours doing company work and spot those who are not so they can be given warnings.


  • Do monthly performance checks

Usually, companies set up a semi-annual and annual performance reviews to check whether each employee is able to meet the standards and objectives set by the management team. This is also the time when the management is evaluating the team’s performance. If the managers would wait for these evaluations to know what their team member’s performance are, it might be a little too late to do some recourse.

Doing monthly performance reviews based from the employee’s KPI and team objectives and goals would help managers identify gaps in performance and plot out a strategy for the employee to be able to meet his goals before the company performance evaluation happens.


  • Set aside time for coaching

Identifying the gaps is important, but it is also necessary for the manager to guide his team members on managing their performance and fill in the performance gaps. One-on-one coaching would help employees to determine what they need to do to improve their performance.

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