How to Choose an Ideal Location for Billboards

If you are thinking of getting a billboard installed to market your business, here’s how you can select an ideal.

If you are thinking of getting a billboard installed to market your business, here’s how you can select an ideal installation place:

The Billboard Should Be Front-Facing

Poor sign face alignments have ruined their fair share of billboards over the years. No matter how creative and state-of-the-art your billboard is, people don’t have the time to stop and go out of their way to notice it. It has to be highly visible and readable over a short interval of time by people driving by at high speeds. Therefore, ensure that your billboard is conspicuous to oncoming traffic and front-facing.

The Billboard Should Be Located At A Readable Height

Unless you want seagulls for your audience, refrain from placing billboards right at the top of skyscrapers and high points on the roads. For maximum exposure, billboards should be placed with-in the height of vision of drivers. See more information on the perfect placement of billboard ads.

Traffic count of location

While this seems fairly obvious, the actual statistics would leave you reeling back in shock. Get an overview of the traffic count in the region where you want to install your company billboard, so that it is accessible to as many people as possible.

Commercial or Residential Based Area

If your billboard is installed within a commercial area, then there’s a high chance that people travelling that route frequently make up the largest audience of your hoarding ad. If you are willing to attract local businesses, you would do well to install your billboard in commercial areas as workers going to and from work will become aware of your billboard’s content. On the other hand, you should stick to residential areas if you aspire to target a mass audience.

Proximity to Your Business

According to hoarding fencing companies in Dubai, If you want to target local customers, then what’s the point of having a billboard installed 70 miles away from your establishment. In such a situation, the most logical course of action is to go for a local ad placement as a plethora of high-street companies, such as McDonalds,  also capitalize on near-by billboards to catch the eye of tourists, workers, visitors, and local residents.

Consider the Typical Intent

While being aware of the traffic count in the vicinity of your billboard ad is important, it is also crucial that the people seeing your ad day by day are the intended audience for your product. Not to mention, until the passersby are reaching a purchasing decision, the billboard is not serving its purpose. Let’s say a sportswear company chooses a major road leading towards their flag store as the location of their hoarding, this opens up tons of opportunities for marketing to oncoming traffic, especially during peak hours.

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