Bad Habits Car Owners Do That Damage Their Vehicle

Cars are investments that need to be protected and maintained so it can serve its purpose for a long time..

Cars are investments that need to be protected and maintained so it can serve its purpose for a long time. But oftentimes, we forget its value and utilize it until it is broken down for good. As a result, you need to spend more on buying a new car.

If you are aiming to prolong the lifespan of your car, here are some bad habits that you need to avoid:

  • Not cleaning your vehicle

Keeping your car tidy is not just for it’s the physical appearance. Maintaining and keeping it clean can help extend its life as you will be removing pollutants that can cause early deterioration and damage. And cleaning the car is more than just about washing it. You need to ensure that engine is free from radicals. Same goes with the tires. You need to remove the grime and soot that is stuck between the tire tracks to prevent it from further damaging the tire’s material.


  • Forgetting about your brake syste

Your car brake system is an essential system in your vehicle. Without proper breaks, you will have little to no control on your car. But oftentimes, car owners tend to disregard this system and abused the system and forget to maintain it. The ideal maintenance schedule for your breaks is monthly. But if you feel that there have been problems with your car’s brake or it is losing grip, it would be best to check the EBC brakes and replaced the disk should you find damage on its components.

  • Not checking the other parts

Careless car owners usually do a quick check on their cars and just do repairs whenever something will come up. That is not a very good practice. Regularly checking your car – from the engine, down to the H&R lowering springs is necessary to ensure that every component is working properly. You need a thorough check to see if you will need some repairs and replacements. Schedule a quarterly and annual car maintenance. Monthly car checks can also be done for quick repairs.


  • Level the fluids below the acceptable level

Your car’s fluid, whether it is brake fluid or battery fluid, is the bloodline of your car. These fluids are needed to ensure that your car is well-oiled for running. Letting the fluids drain below the acceptable level can immensely damage your vehicle. Make it a habit to check the fluids and replace them should the level go beyond the normal amount.

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