5 Industry Sectors That Needed Scaffolding

Contrary to the popular belief, the construction business is not the only ones who need some scaffolding assistance. In fact,.

Contrary to the popular belief, the construction business is not the only ones who need some scaffolding assistance. In fact, you will be surprised on how many companies are in need of this equipment for their business operations.

To satisfy your curiosity, here are some companies and industries that can benefit from the advantages given by an aluminium scaffold tower:

  • Events and concert business

It is not surprising that an events company can benefit from this equipment, especially the styling department. The styling team needs to have a sturdy tower and platform that can help them mount and install their designs and also keep the people from moving and installing materials at a certain height.


For concert scenes, lights and other concert equipment needs to be mount at a certain level to ensure that they reach a number of people, especially the ones in the back. Without scaffolding, they would have to use the ladder one for installation and mounting which might not be that safe. It can also be used as an impromptu seating equipment should there be a shortage.


  • Video production industry

Scaffolding has been a part of a movie or TV production equipment for quite some time now and it has a lot of uses. For one, lighting directors and gaffers needed high platforms to hold their lighting equipment and give the scene ample and correct lighting and ambiance and it is also used for set design.


Another use of scaffolding in a production company is it is used for stunts. Stuntmen needs a platform where they can jump, fight, or do their stunt works. They need a sturdy and stable platform for this kind of job.


  • Cleaning companies

Cleaning companies are not just stationed on the ground. Sometimes, they are tasked to clean high places as part of their job order. The ladder alone cannot do this. These cleaning professionals need to have a flat and solid platform to walk around and clean hard-to-reach areas.


  • Painting professionals

Like cleaning workers, property painters are required to work on high places to be able to paint the whole structure and work on high beams and corners. Ladders have limited function when it comes to this kind of job, they need to have stable podium that would allow them to move and paint the structure.


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