Signs That You Need To Transfer Your Kid To A New School

As parents, we want to provide the best education for our kids. We equipped them with the right tools and.

As parents, we want to provide the best education for our kids. We equipped them with the right tools and make certain decisions that we think would improve their learning and development. And at times, this decision would include transferring them to a new school.

Transferring is not an unusual practice. A lot of parents now are open to options of transferring their kid to the best primary school in Dubai. But making this decision is not for the parents alone to do. They need to take into consideration some factors and know to read the signs, such as:

  • Your kid is bothered and unhappy in his current school

One of the biggest reasons why most parents opt to transfer their kids to a new school is because their children are not happy with the way things are going with the current ones. There are a lot of factors that can make a kid not satisfied with his previous academic institution, one of those is bullying. You need to check how happy your kid is at school. They may not tell you directly, but you can see by the way he acts and he performs. If your kid is oddly quiet and not performing well in school, there is a big chance that he is unhappy and that there is something wrong.


  • You are not satisfied with the curriculum

One of the deciding factors for parents when choosing a school is the curriculum and the teaching method. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to tell at first glance whether this kind of curriculum and way of teaching will best suit your kid’s learning and development. There are instances that it will not fit. This can manifest through poor school performance and not reaching the set milestones. If you feel that the programme that the current school is offering is not enough to boost your kid’s learning, it would be best to pick a school that would be able to harness your kid’s potential.


  • The current one is too far from home

Location is quite important when choosing a school and parents should always take this into account. If the current one is too far from home, it would be best to look for the nearest one that would fit your requirements.


  • The school security is not that tight

Making sure that your kid is secure in the school grounds is very important. If there have been incidents of security breach and safety issues, it would be best to find a new one with tight security for your kid’s protection.

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