How Joining Summer Camps Can Help Your Kid’s Developmen

Summer is the season when kids are free to run under the sun. There is no homework and school projects.

Summer is the season when kids are free to run under the sun. There is no homework and school projects to worry about and no pressure to study their lessons for the following day. They can spend all day doing what they want with less supervision from their parents.

But for some parents, summer is an opportunity to enroll their kids in holiday camps in Dubai to further improve their skills and also develop traits that they can use later in life. It may sound like a chore, but joining summer camps has a number of advantages for your kids, such as:

  • They will learn how to work with others


Teamwork is essential in completing a project. Your kid might probably team up with some of their classmates to finish a school assignment or task. But in summer camps, the concept of teamwork is more than just working with others to complete a task. It is about investing in others and empowering other team members to succeed in achieving a common goal.


  • They will learn how to get back on their feet


Resilience is a very important trait that your kid needs to learn and hone. The ability to bounce back from failure would determine how fast they are able to overcome challenges. Learning and practicing this trait at an early age would help them to apply this in real life situations, whether in school or other facets of their life. Summer camps enable kids to build confidence that would help them get back on their feet if they fail a challenge or a task.


  • They become independent


Young individuals tend to depend on their parents for everything – from their basic needs to emotional support. But too much dependency can be a bad thing. This would lead to kids not being able to stand up on their own, and would leave all the decision-making to a prominent figure. Summer camps help kids to be confident and give them room to make decisions on their own, based on their instinct and observation.


  • They can experience new things


Kids who live with their parents tend to be pampered and spoiled by their guardians. If this habit continues, children would not know the value of hard work and how to fend for themselves. In summer camps, kids are pushed to their limits by letting them experience simple living, away from the comfortable life they are used to.

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