Ways to attract more clicks for your company’s website

As a business that is operating in a technologically advanced period of time, it is necessary for you to have.

As a business that is operating in a technologically advanced period of time, it is necessary for you to have a fully functional website. However, this particular website of yours is not going to be any good till the time that you start receiving traffic over it. Well, achieving this element is not an easy job at all, and you need to put in a bit of time and effort in to it. Here are a few basic things that would help you get started with receiving clicks on your company’s website:


Make a video and post it on YouTube
According to some of the best SEO’s around these days, people love to watch videos and a well edited video can attract a lot of audience. It need not be a great video with all the effects. Even an interview with the founder a company stating the reasons behind the existence of the company can get tons of clicks. The video should have links to your sites with metatags to improve search results.


If you have a fairly substantial budget, then you can even go for a movie trailer, like a launch for your next product. A well made video can add up to the searches for the company for the simple reason that these are what people are interested in now a days.


Mission should be stated clearly
Stating a mission is really important as it tells your purpose for existence. It is quite like a basic human need. Staying consistent with branding on the whole web wherever you are present can help you state your mission and make an impact.


Make a controversy
Yes, people often like reading controversial statements or statements which are in contrast to what others have to say. It attracts a lot of clicks even through SMS marketing in Dubai. For example, Bucky Balls, which are magnets used to reduce stress gained recognition after the government thought of banning it. Another example is a book by Tucker Max, which had no audience but gained importance when someone threatened to sue the author. Obviously, these strategies often involve a kind of risk, but if all goes well, the risk is bound to get you lots of clicks.


Celebrity endorsement
Roping in a celebrity to share content is another significant means of generating traffic over your website. Try to connect with the topics, which are of interest to them. For example, Tim O’Reilly had more than 10000 views once when he shared a link on Google Plus for a Word Stream article.


Be a registered webmaster
If you are a web master, you can register on sites like Google and Bing, which can help you in a way that whenever these sites are having problems with your content, you will get an alert. Also, be sure that there are links to your site all round the web. Also, making a press release and spreading the word through bulk SMS in UAE will help search engines know that your site complies with the law.

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