Things You Need to Check When Hiring Prospective Auditing Firms

Auditing can bring light to a lot of aspects in your business that you may have overlooked or missed. With.

Auditing can bring light to a lot of aspects in your business that you may have overlooked or missed. With proper auditing, discrepancies are being pointed out and areas for improvement are identified. Which is why companies are advised to go through the auditing process as it may help them improve their business and deter any anomalies on its tracks.

However, finding the right auditing firm can be a tricky business. There are lots of auditing companies in Dubai that provides the same services. How do you know if the said firm that right one for your business? Here’s how:

  • Have business papers to show

The first order of business is to know whether the company is running a legit operation in your area. Shady auditing companies exist and they are everywhere. They may look like legit on first glance but you need to dig deeper to know. Ask them for a copy of their business permits, licenses and accreditation papers. If they can’t provide one, then cross them out your list. If the company openly provides these documents, then double check by checking the governing agencies they are under.


  • Trusted by lots of clients

The reputation of the auditing firm speak on how they handle their clients. If their skills and honesty is well-known in your area, then they worth calling and contracting to. Do not hesitate to ask their previous clients and inquire on the firm’s process of auditing. Ask them about their insights about the company and if they vouched for the firm’s reputation. You can also check out site and social media reviews.


  • Knowledgeable in their field and in your industry

Auditing is a vast industry, contrary to the popular belief that they are only about the numbers. That being said, they should be well-versed on different facets of auditing – from financial to regulatory compliance and recovery audit. You would never know what kind of auditing your company needs. They should have fundamental knowledge about your industry for them to do the audit. If they have they basic information, it would be easier for them to identify what aspects to check and audit. Visit website of your prospective firm and see if they cater to your industry.


  • Very clear when providing reports

Audit reports are vital in the company’s decision-making process. The audit reports would tell what exactly is happening to your company. That being said, the audit report that will be provided should be complete and clear. It should be easily understood by the readers and provides explanation on the figures stated on the report.

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