Conversion rates and website issues – what you should know

You might have gone through considerable effort to build a website and developed products to offer to customers on the.

You might have gone through considerable effort to build a website and developed products to offer to customers on the website. Despite all the work, you might be faced with the problem of having too few visitors to your website. This typically signifies that you might have problems with your conversion rates. There are several scenarios which might be the answer to your conversion rate problems. These might give insight into the problem and often have a solution within them.


Situation 1

Your website might be lacking in conversion rate because there is no traffic. In order to make conversions a person needs defined target actions and users need to fulfill the requirements of the actions. When either of the two elements are lacking, your website simply cannot have good conversion rates.

In order to identify problems in this scenario, you should log into your Google Analytics account in order to see the amount of traffic into your website. You can also get a micro influencers agency Dubai to do this for you. This will enable you to know if your website is getting any visitors at all. If your website is experiencing low traffic, your conversion rates will also be low and to remedy this you have to increase traffic to your website. There are several ways to increase traffic to your website including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, and other forms of marketing.


Situation 2

Another reason for bad statistics in conversion rates is having high bounce rate. A website might have substantial number of visitors, but still suffer from low conversion rates. This might puzzle website owners but the answer might lie in bounce rates.

Bounce rate is the number of people who visit your website and leave immediately without browsing through the various pages in your site. The reason for this might be that your website is not properly designed to quickly present the visitors with what they are looking for. This usually leads to visitors leaving prematurely even if your website has what they seek.  A number of reasons might cause high bounce rate including:


  • There is a problem with your website that prevents people from browsing through it. It might, for instance, be incompatible with some browsers.
  • The first impression given by your website is not appealing to visitors. This causes them to have low confidence in your brand and therefore they might leave prematurely. Indulge in more influencer social media marketing to enhance the popularity of your site.
  • New visitors do not understand the benefits of the products offered on your website quickly.

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